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  • Diesel & HPT

    I am having an issue right now with getting my oil to pass an HPT. I know that my water % is very low to begin with and I have allowed more than ample time for settling and I have drained a lot off the bottom of my tank. I do however have about a 10% mix of #2 (leftover heating fuel at bottom of reclaimed fuel oil tanks) in this batch. Everytime I do the HPT I smell diesel while it bubbles away. I remember a discussion about diesel throwing off an HPT, but I can't find the thread. Anyone come across this before?

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    Yes. Diesel will provide a potential 'false positive' HPT. The 'boiling' point of D2 is much lower than water. In fact, diesel has a flash point as low as 140*F - be careful!! (no more HPT'ing VO w/diesel, mmmkay? )

    Take a sample and place in a clear container in a warm place for several days. If water is present, it should fall out and be visible.
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