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Has anybody tried using and "additives" to their oil?

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  • Has anybody tried using and "additives" to their oil?

    I'm just wondering if using ISO Heet or something of that nature would help with the de-watering and thin the oil for cold weather use. I was just curious if it would work or not...
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    The only additive you need to thin the oil is heat.
    Water is a different story but basically just try to make sure its water free when you put it in the tank. Condensation in the tank is not preventable but there are ways to minimize that by keeping the tank full more of the time if you can and occasionally draining the water from the tank. Not much really accumulates it seems but that will vary with different conditions i would think.


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      Bio, there is a lot of discussion on this over at as well. Some folks swear by additives, while other say leave it alone. Some mix it with a little #2 as well.

      I think you'll find there are a lot of mixed opinions on this subject.
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        ISSO heat and your injectors won't get along well.I suggest Startron,Or Bio-kleen,as well as some Lucas Injector cleaner year round.In the winter i thrw alittle Powerservice in there too...............greasy
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