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    Has anyone put tank straps on their Ex tank? If so where did you get them and did you do anything special to install. Pics and links appreciated.
    2002 7.3 Excursion Limited V3 w/40 gal RDS Tank, +50 gal or 100 gal aux cargo tank,
    AFE Magnum Flow Air Intake, 4" Turbo back Diamondeye exhaust,
    6.0 Tranny cooler upgrade, Edge Evo2 Gryphon, V & Modified B Code leaf suspension
    BTS Transmission W/ 1.0 exhaust housing,Snow water/meth injection.Riffraff Engine Rebuild(kit) @315k .30 over pistons, CNC Fab HPOP, 160cc single shots.

    2002 F350 2WD CCLB 7.3 Bone Stock "Rusty"

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    Bill, you might have already seen it, but here is a thread with some discussion on tank straps for the RDS Ex tank.

    Hope this helps!

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    Vegi oil powered since Aug 08
    2006 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Vegistroke converted 1/27/13!!
    2008 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold
    2005 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold


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      We just did my install yesterday and I was concerned about the same issue. However, after seeing the super-reinforced mounting tabs, I was no longer concerned. This might have been a problem w- the older tanks, but no longer.

      We did do a little different strategy with the bolting, though. On two of the tabs where you can't get to the backside of the mounting spot, we doubled up on the self-tapping bolts (2 each). On the other two tabs, we used bolts with nylock nuts and lock-washers.

      The fit was absolutely superb - everything was exactly where it was supposed to be and in accordance with the instructions on the website for the tank install.
      '02 7.3L Excursion Limited; ~242Kmi total; ~157Kmi on WVO
      Vegistroke V3 (4/09); HIH, Aux Pump, FPHE (11/10); PHP Gryphon custom; 6637;
      WW; Turbomaster; EBPV delete; 4" exhaust; Terminator HPOP; Tru-cool; Evans NPG+;
      ARI triple-disc TC; V/B-code springs; Bilsteins; 30mm sway bar; 190A alternator; F650 dash; etc.