First I would like to thank jason and james,for putting the V3 on the market.Second for making this whole thing "Automatic for the people".With out you guys my wife would never drive a "greaser".Now our family long-distance driver is one.Our excursion (Greasy X) is a 2000 ford excursion limited forest green/tan 7.3 V3. Right now she has 71,??? miles,been greasing since 62,000 miles.I am interested in everyones stories about your Xs (the ones with 4 wheels).Suggested upgrades given and recieved have done1) Bilstien shocks,no longer rides like a bag of hammers2)upgraded to servicable ball-joints,saves you alot of $$$$ ,3)turn rotors and brake hardware,do this often (15,000 miles)those rotors are big bucks.Next is Helwig anti-sway bar,no more torque flex under acceleration(making holes in traffic).Also I suggest changing air filter every other oil change(saves alot of WVO).............grease out