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fender paint cost?

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  • fender paint cost?


    So this is sort of funny, but also really stupid......
    So remember the other day when I posted a question about the brakes and mentioned that my parking brake didn't work........
    Well I always leave my truck in gear so that normally isn't an issue.

    This time........
    I went out during work to get some coffee. When I came back my co-workers and I were all sitting around bs'ing and all of a sudden my buddy yells "oh sh$t, your truck." He starts running towards my truck which is running over the curb(about 2 feet away) goes right over the curb and is heading towards the neighboring yard. We are both running towards it trying to reach it before it hits something or takes off down the really steep hill which ends at a stream in 60 yards or so.
    Luckily it came to a rest before the really steep hill. Unfortunately it came to a rest against a tree that happened to be growing at about a 10 degree angle. Instead of hitting my plow mount or bumper, the passenger side fender stopped the truck.
    So I need a new fender. I thought about trying to pound out the dents, bondo and paint it myself. I found replacement fenders on the internet for $70-$140 or so. One place offers them color-matched/painted for $280.
    My question is do you guys have any idea how much a body shop would charge to paint a pre-primed fender if I brought it into them off the street?

    Last time this happened(backhoe tipped over and landed on same fender) the body shop charged their insurance company $1000 to replace fender and badge. So I am not going that route as it is my own damn fault.

    So thanks for the advice and yes I am a [email protected]# Luckily there weren't any kids playing around the area or anything like that.

    So needless to say I am tearing apart the brakes today

    2002 F350 4x4 Cab Chassis Flatbed

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    No time right now, but likely the adjuster is stripped on your ebrakes. I'll post pics of the permanent 'cure' for this later...
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      I can't imagine that to paint one fender it would be too expensive. However, I would think a lot of your expense would come from the time needed to blend the fender into the rest of the truck - something a good body shop would want to do.

      But, if you're not worried about blending it in real well (or at all), then I think you could get out at a fair price.
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