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light comes on then goes off

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  • light comes on then goes off

    When i switch to hard veggie light comes on for split second then goes out. when i switch to auto mode nothing.

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    If your light only comes on for a split second in manual on mode then shuts off there is a power problem between the battery and the Electronics control board. If you have a multimeter take a battery voltage reading then a voltage reading at the Terminal on the Vegistroke fuse board, The two should match within .2 volts. For example- A fully charged car battery should read 12.6 volts dc. That means your Vegistroke fuse board should have an input voltage of at least 12.4 with everything off. Then try turning the system on, with key on of course and repeat. You should not have more than 1 volt variance max. Let us know what you find.
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