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  • Searching for "switch wire"

    Finished install several weeks ago, very happy how well and smooth it went.
    Only one problem... I ran my power lead(redwire) to a wrong power source. The instructions call for red wire to be connected to a "switch wire:" This is so the V3 still has power after you have turned off ignition. Problem I am having is I accidently hooked red wire to power lead for head lights. Yes, you guessed it in my case right now V3 only works when my lights are on. I am having a hard time finding a correct "switch wire". My question is can I connect my red wire to a power wire from the fuse box that is switched like heater fan or radio? Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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    I don't want to laugh at your expense, but ... that is kinda funny.

    I paid some extra money for help on the install... which meant I only put the lead on the battery and all other wiring was done by Tanton. Good Luck!
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      You need a test light or voltmeter..both real cheap(under $10. )

      Switched power just means that the wire has voltage with the key in the on position and no power when the key is off. Like the wire that provides power to the radio or something like that.

      If you lay on your back under the drivers side of the dash you will probally find a white wire with a blue stripe above the OBD11 plug in. Above it and to the passengers side of the truck.About the top of the trans hump. It may have a wrap of black tape on the end of it and have a tag that says "customer access wire" thats the one in the instructions that are here in the manuals section.

      Hope this helps. Dave
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        thanks. We got it going but now I think we have another problem
        the fuel gauge quit working. also, the V3 pump is making louder
        than normal noise and exhaust smells more like diesel than veggie
        when green light is on. Talk to Jason he said check prefilter screen
        on V3 could be clogged thats the next move.