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Vegistroke with code P0232

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  • Vegistroke with code P0232

    I have a 2001 Excursion 7.3 40 gallon tank with 50K on it. I just put a Vegistroke Conversion on it (actually, I had it installed). I had no problems at all since the install a week ago, so I'm not sure if the problem is Vegistroke related. Anyway, the last few days it has been chilly in the morning (50-60) and I've been getting the "romps" on start up for a few seconds before it smooths out. I got into the truck last night at work and noticed the check engine light was on. I got a P0232 code off of it this morning, which says, "Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit High". I did a search for keyword "P0232" on the Ford-Truck site and got some results. When I read the threads, it seems that most people who get the code have a no start condition. Mine starts and runs normally, except for the "romps". Anyone have any ideas? By the way, I had a starting problem that guys on the forum helped me with. I turns out that it was just a fuel filter problem.
    BTW, I was low on fuel (70 miles to empty on the lie-o-meter) yesterday morning. I put in $50 worth of diesel (the pump cut me off at $50! Amazing). The problem didn't present itself until 12 hours later...about 75 miles of driving between new fuel and check engine light. I also put about 25 gallons of filtered veggie oil in yesterday afternoon...5 miles before problem presented.
    Any help for a diesel newbie would be appreciated!
    2001 Ex 7.3 With V3 and 40 Gallon Tank

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    Man i don't know but maybe someone will be able to answer your question.

    Go over to and post this up, there are ALOT of diesel techs that might answer you faster...Jason probably knows the answer but you may be waiting awhile before he sees this.


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      Oh and Welcome to the forum!


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        So what's the verdict? It helps to share with others when a problem is cured.


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          The verdict is there is no verdict. Still have the check engine light on and I've put 1500 miles on it since the code came up. Right now I'm just waiting it out. I'll post if the pump goes or if my installer figures out what went wrong. I'm not sure if it's veggie related yet.
          2001 Ex 7.3 With V3 and 40 Gallon Tank


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            Did you check PCM variations on 2000-2001 Exs,i had that code switched wires no more code.Ask jason if this could pertain to your Vin#.This is looked over alot,but its the tattletale code to tell stealership you have a chip.good luck
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