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V3 module leak?

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  • V3 module leak?

    Just above the FASS pump on my V3 module there is a threaded hole that has no screw in it. There is what appears to be coolant coming out the hole and leaking. I havent started the truck yet since i am still in the middle of installation. But should this be happening? It is a slow but steady leak.
    Also on the harness where do the gray and black wires connected with a O style connector go? thanks

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    If you are refering to the gray wire with black stripe and black wire that is uder the dash, it is a ground. I can't help with the coolant leak, unless you just haven't hooked up your coolant-out line yet.


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      I figured out the ground. I am just missing one of the Zero-Leak Gold plugs from the V3 module. I thought maybe it came that way but now after having a leak and seeing the other plugs i realize it is missing. thanks