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  • coolant lines

    Just started my Vegistroke install. i have the fuel system done, tank mounted and i am ready to install the coolant lines to my heated tank. Does the kit come with T's for the coolant lines? The instructions say to put a T in both coolant lines under the hood but i cannot find them in my kit. There is no picture in the instructions for this part so any suggestions would be helpful. thanks.

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    You should have 2 t's with your kit. mine are black. and they have barbed fittings on them. they are to fit in your coolant lines.
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      Are they plastic or metal material? If possible could you post a picture of how you T'd them off? thanks for the help


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        I can't post a picture because mine are installed. Mine were black plastic T'S. They were in the same bag as the zip ties and dino decals. I saw the same fittigs at Auto Zone for $9.99.


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          Mine were not included either. I suggest calling and having them sent to you, or as I did, I went out and got some of my own so I could get the job done.


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            Mine had them, dark grey kinda, not sure what bag they were in.
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