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  • New Vegistroke System Lafayette LA

    I have a 2002 7.3 w/ 160k miles and just installed the V3 system and lovin it especially when i pass those service stations and laugh. I have a friend that has a new 6.4 08 and just installed this hydrogen system and went from 12.5 mpg to 21.5 mpg. w/ no V3 system. Would this hydrogen system be compatible w/ the V3 system.

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    Are you serious?

    You actually know someone who got that hydrogen thing to work? Please post pics. And any other information you have. I've been looking for ways to build on the MPG of the oil... but if the oil is free or close to free, spending more money to stretch it out seems wasteful.
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      Hey duckman
      I am in New Orleans. If you ever come through town give me a buzz. What type of filtering set up do you have? Depending on Gustaff, (Hurricane) I might be heading that way soon. We really don't need another one already.
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        Welcome to the family!


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          i'm in lafayette too

          hey duckman,
          i live in lafayette also and have been running a V3 system for 11 months. luv it!


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            Welcome aboard Duckman!

            +1 on the pics/info of the hydrogen setup...sounds interesting.
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              Welcome to the Family Duckman!!


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                he posted 1 time....back in Aug 08 ???


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                  I talked to a guy doing this in his tundra. He built everything himself from what I understand, and gained about 5-7mpg. He said he gained some power from it too... Hearing his success made me want to put one on the truck and try it out, but I really don't need better fuel economy. More power on the other hand would be fine. I have more oil than I can possibly burn, so more mpg's would mean more oil to take up space, and after getting this grease thing figured out, I really don't want to take the time to learn something else.


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                    I have 'the plans' that supposedly work for making HHO in sufficient quantities to improve fuel economy. Does it work? ABSOLUTELY! It is really pretty easy to produce HHO/Brown's Gas. The key to adequate production involves increasing voltage and 'pulsing' it in the reactor. The plans we have include a magnetic coil as well. Apparently, by generating and collapsing the magnetic field in the generator, you can produce a different kind of hydrogen. In a gasser, pre-detonation can be controlled by balancing the 2 types.

                    Here's my take. First, modern, fuel-injected engines are going to deliver 'x' amount of fuel based on throttle position, rpm, etc. The gains in an engine like PSD are going to be minimal w/o custom tuning. AND, you can only dial the fuel back so much before lubrication and cooling of the injectors is compromised. Second, there is this problem called 'hydrogen embrittlement'. When carbon steel is exposed to certain chemicals/gasses it can become very brittle. We see this problem right now in ethanol storage tanks, pipelines, etc. I'm not sure I want that in my PSD. Meanwhile, I have given the plans to 2 friends - one is very talented with electronics stuff and VERY capable of building that part and the other is a brilliant fabricator. If they ever build the thing, I'll put it on my old pre-fuel inj. 4Runner.

                    One more thing, IF hacks like me can make this work - don't you think the auto makers and big oil who have BILLIONS to invest in R&D are all over this? If it was really as easy as a VO conversion, I think it would be on the shelves at Walmart. Meanwhile, there are 1000's of items under "HHO" on ebay, etc. right now...

                    pm me for info about 'the plans'
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                      I have the water4gas e-books and will be glad to send them to anyone wanting them.

                      I did the conversion to my Tundra and gained about 5 mpg - until I shut the truck off and the computer re-calibrated itself. They sell something to bypass this, but I had gone forward with the diesel/wvo by then.

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