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    Hey folks.. I am hoping I can get some advice/help here. I recently purchased a V3 system and have dome the installation myself. I installed it on a 2000 E350 cargo van, 7.3L Powerstroke.

    Had a few issues with where to mount the manifold but found a suitable location and had enough wire harness.

    My issue is electrical.. so I hope I can get some help. The manual is for a truck engine and not a cargo van, which makes for some differences, eventhough it's still a 7.3L.

    I get power to the switch and when I click it onto manual I get the green light. I get power to the fuel gauge and it lights up... but even with a full tank, it still shows empty.

    I get power to the board with the timer cards for the pump and the purge switch, but having trouble finding out why I get no 12v switching power to the boards. I found the OBDII light blue and purple wire as described in the manual, but I get no power reading on it.

    I am considering tapping into the wire for the glow plug relay on my fuse block to get 12v switching power.

    Any suggestions?


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    I will try to get Jason on this Please stand by........


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      Thanks James


      Thanks for your concern. Shortly after I left the message I was on the phone with John and he was very helpful. He walked me through a few things and while we were talking I found a wire that was a 12v switching source. Once I tapped into it, the system kicked on and everything works wonderfully.

      Jason and I have had several conversations over the past few weeks, primarily discussing where to mount the manifold because the van is quite different from the truck. I'd like to reiterate to you as I did to him it would have been very helpful to have some instructions in the manual that pertained to vans rather than just the truck.

      Now that I have installed the van I know what to do, what to expect and I am extremely pleased with the system.



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        Glad that got worked out. You WILL find that James and Jason will go more than out of their way to help you.
        I shutter to think when they are rich and famous though. With all their upcoming exposure, they will be very very busy.
        Elvia the HandyMan
        2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
        V3 March 2008


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          I have a feeling that they would still have that sense of quality and doing the right things. (smile)


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            they will using the exposure to spread the word of WVO and enviromental concerns of all alternative fuel users,right guys?These guys are pretty down to earth so I think they can handle it,glad I got my source locked down though...grease out
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