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I'm VEGISTROKIN' now.... !!!!

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  • I'm VEGISTROKIN' now.... !!!!

    First and foremost... thank you to everyone at Vegistroke and Dan (my installer) and Mike (my oil resource... and co-installer).

    The kit was flawless.
    The install was flawless.

    We started the install after a nice steak dinner... and unloading 800 gallons of oil out of Dan's trailer. By the time we got to the shop to do the install it was after 9. 9:30ish we got started on the install. I believe we finished it before 3:00am... which has to be some kind of record.

    Mike and I were amazed at the "simplicity" and completness of the kit. Dan did most of the hard work, and Mike and I did the monkey work.

    We crushed 1 coolant T, and quickly repaired it.... and that was the only hiccup. Initial vegi-burn was after about 3 miles... but I've since reduced my times to less than 2 miles. I think Dan went just over a mile and both of our kits started at the same time. He was pulling an "empty" trailer... and I was rolling on 40s... so we both had small loads on the motors. I have over 50 miles on oil so far, and will have over 100 by Monday. I don't see any foreseeable (sp?) problems anytime soon...

    My hat is off to anyone and everyone who had a hand in designing the kit... and then getting it out to the public.

    I've learned so much from these forums in the last couple months, I was already pretty comfortable it the workings of the V3.

    I'll be buying a fuel pressure gauge soon... as well as a fuel transfer pump.

    I've already shown about 20 people the kit, gave them a 10 min speach on "how it works", and having them see and touch it in person really helps them understand it.

    Thanks again guys... after I change my first Donaldson... I'll be chiming in. I'm going to tear it apart and see whats in it.
    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08

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    Welcome to the club. As greasy X would say, grease on.
    Elvia the HandyMan
    2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
    V3 March 2008


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        I would agree that has to be a record install time. Working a night would have been good for me here in North Texas it was pushing 100 degrees each day of my install.
        2000 F250 7.3L
        Vegistroke installed July 12, 2008


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          I made some adjustments today...

          removed some stickers from my back window and put on my DFA badge... as well as all 3 vegistroke stickers

          Went to a Toby Keith concert last night... everyone saw me coming... and smelled me leaving.

          I have a concern regarding my power switch though... I'll make a new thread.
          Vegistrokin since 08/23/08