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97 install w/V3 in the works!

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  • 97 install w/V3 in the works!

    Hello this is Mr. Lynn in the far north! I'm in the middle of a V3 install on my personal 97 w/ 55,000! miles picked her up here in beautiful Alaska w 50,000 on the clock, perfect like new pampered candidate for the install. I like the older style myself.
    This will be my demo ride & somewhat daily driver here & for those long summer drives to the Kenai fishing!! I'm waiting on some items that were missed on packing the kit, but John is quickly working on it, no worries to those contemplating a kit. I'm in Eagle River if we have any greasers in the area that need anything please PM me & we will get together. The last installer for the area installed a few kits. I would like to meet up with the guys that have the system. If anyone knows anyone please send them my way. Just a curious follow up. My buddy Chad's V3 on his 02 is doing great! We are working together to spread the word on this great product. Cheers:cheers:!

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    Congrats and welcome!!
    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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        Nice I like it!!