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My first install (finally)

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  • My first install (finally)

    Well I finally got my first V3 installed . I have nothing but good things to say. First off I was very impressed with the packing of the parts, very clean and professional. The entire install went very smoothly overall. Me and another guy did the majority of the install in 3 days. I spent a fair amount of time doing it alone because he had to keep taking calls for work and had to go out on a couple emergency service calls. I made a few calls to DFA throughout the install and all the guys were great help over the phone. I only came across one problem with a hose that was too short, but DFA had a new one overnighted to me and all was well. Here's a link to pics I took throughout, , This truck was for my partner, now that the bay is open I can pull in my 96 and put my kit in (very jealous of his exhaust smell :chuckles: ) Any questions or comments are welcome.
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    Congrats VT, glad it went smoothly!

    So do you already have your kit for the 96?
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      Yeah, the box is sitting in the shop. I just need two days I can dedicate to getting it installed. Between plowing snow, hauling firewood, and the rest of life it has been hard to shut the truck down for a few days. The bay at the shop is finally open so I think monday morning I am going to tear it apart.


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        Easy there josh,don't jump the gun ,weather man says your gonna get 10-14 inches of snow tommorrow and monday..................make money,money.Don't feel bad were gonna get 6-10 of heavy snow as well............good luck anywho...........greasy
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