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Do not buy petfood from walmart

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  • Do not buy petfood from walmart

    I recently lost my dog to salmonella,this was a animal that was part of my family had every medical care a dog could get(thyroid meds,anxiety meds).She died 11-26-08 the day after thanksgiving,two days later walmart would not sell me the ol'roy premium dog food she solely ate for the last 4 years,I was told it was recalled for salmonella.This was made by MARS inc. in PENN. It was distributed thru-out New England and NY.I am still mourning my loss of a animal that I helped birth and was by my side for 7 years.Don't let this happen to you.I personally am considering filing a class action along when 3 other people who lost beloved pets from this neglect of safety for pure greed of the $$$.Please forward this info to anyone you know in this region with animals.........thankyou...greasy
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    Greasy, sorry about your loss; the tough thing about having pets is that we usually outlive them, and this is made worse when we lose them too soon. We lost my first mastiff to a type of poisoning from cheap dog food; there are two compounds to watch out for, BHA and ethoxoquine (sp?). They store in the body and eventually become toxic, like lead poisoning.

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      Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing that information. Hang in there.


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        Sorry for your loss greasy. I can sympathize with you, our dog is our baby. We get her food from the vet. Yes, it cost A LOT more. But, like I said, she is our baby. After seeing the wal-mart episode on Frontline, I only shop there as a last resort! I support your decision to sue them.