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IT is not Diesel...But I want one

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    Originally posted by Hawaiian Diesel View Post
    Jason, You would love one of these. Kai uses open water SWELLS to power this hydrofoil hybrid board. $1500.00
    Harnessing the power of the open ocean swells, the hydrofoil allows you to levitate above the surface of the water and ride the worlds longest waves. Surf sp...

    I give you 3-4 months before you have one.

    Highjack over.
    Totally love that...

    I remember Laird Hamilton attempting to ride big waves on a Sky Ski that had been modified from sit down to stand up more than 10yrs ago. Kai's rig is beautiful and the ability to ride basically any day is EPIC!!

    It's a long days' drive to the ocean from here. But I love to wake surf behind the boat. That is also an 'endless wave' and it tickles that spot deep in my brain like surfing does. I suspect that fly boarding with hydro-powered rigs and ultimately the jet powered thing would be just over the top.

    The thing about conventional surfing and what Kai is doing is that provides a very personal experience. It's just you and an inanimate object surrounded by nature. Man, I could really use some of that 'personal' time in my life right now.........

    I can almost shut down the rest of my brain on the Sky Ski, but it's a big production going to the lake that involves weather, other humans, mechanical things (the boat) and a minimum time commitment. My life does not permit all of those things at once often enough and lately the experience is often poisoned by one of those elements.
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      Originally posted by AzDave View Post
      Still in the works. Not surprised it is taking this long.
      Ever receive your order?
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