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No tank yet-what can I do in the meantime?

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  • No tank yet-what can I do in the meantime?

    So my tank won't be here until a week from tomorrow (thanks go out to Jeremiah for checking on it )-what can I install in the meantime so that once the tank gets here I'm head of the game? Should I install the module/run the fuel and coolant lines and just leave everything disconnected for now? The only thing that worries me is having to make sure that all of the connections are tightly sealed so no junk gets in them before I make the connections. Should I maybe just install the CPU and run the wiring? Seriously-its killing me to see it sitting there in the packing peanuts!!!
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    you can install the V3 module and the fuel lines to the engine, the check banjos and wiring. If you have a pressure guage you can install that too and begine using it while burning diesel.
    The lines coolant lines to the tank can be installed durring the final steps when you get the tank.
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      While waiting for my tank, I installed everything except for the hot wire to the battery. That way nothing gets activated till its hooked up. For the coolant lines, I cut some broomstick ends, whittled them down to fit in the hoses and clamped them onto the hoses. Then when the tank came, remove the plugs and hook them up. Done Deal.
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        what to do

        If you have not done a V3 before, my suggestion is this go thru manual,cross every thing out that DOES NOT have to do with your engine.This will shorten the manual by 3-4 pages,and you won't have to keep figuring which is your engine,flipping aimlessly thru covered in WVO.Also this kit takes between 12-16 hours with a lift(this was the time for my X, a little more time to pretty up hole thru body,don't tell wifey).I don't know how long your tank takes to install(51,60,90,or 40 gallon X tank?) but as a percentage I would 20% of the install is tank.Start with CPU (clear headed,that ain't no tinker-toy),then I'd do engine mod ( heads should be cool by then,: from there move down at mount module(those lines are percise if your wondering which bolt hole to use).Now you have the basic platform to work with.We ran all fluid lines at once,for ease of install,and wrapped them right away as they will rub on rockers ,suspension etc.(you don't want to run the lines twice)I know some are quicker then others etc,etc......but why rush thru a $3???.00 dollar kit?Like most things in life,if you don't rush thru it you'll have more fun,and memories...................grease out
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          i knew i was keeping that old broken broom handle for something but never thought of that...