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"T" in suction and purge lines??

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  • "T" in suction and purge lines??

    The above is a post awhile back by Dan @ FASS. He was commenting on how many folks had complained about noisy pumps and occaisonally short pump life. He was on the fence about recommending a 1/2" fuel supply line to pump for VO service. Well, it seems like a good idea to me (I've ALWAYS had a 1/2" supply line to pump in my DIY system) - sooooo...........

    Why can't we tee the suction and return to tank lines together right at V3? (provided return is at bottom of tank like pick-up.

    This would provide (2) 3/8" parallel suction lines and in my case both would be TIH.

    I recently swapped a Raptor into my F350 and initially left the neck-down to 3/8" right at pump. I was in a hurry and it was just easiest to leave it that way. I could hear the pump over my boomin' stereo sometimes!! So I got the fittings I needed to make it 1/2" all the way to tank. It is MUCH quieter now and has an easier time maintaining pressure.

    Eventually, the Excursion will make ALOT more power than my truck. I am limited somewhat 'cause I gotta tow alot AND it has PMR's. The Ex (forged rods!) will get big oil, a BB turbo, stage 2 or 3 injectors, etc. I wanna be able to feed it as much fuel as it wants!!
    2001 F350 XLT 4x4, dually flatbed. 6637 air filter, single-shot injectors, straight-piped, BTS tunes, 200 gal main VO tank - 180k greasy miles
    2000 Excursion Limited 4x4. V3, AIS intake, BTS trans & tunes - 120k VO miles authorized installer

    RIP X & Toyhauler - you served us well.

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    I'm going to check the lines on my v2, my pump its 'very' loud, even with a 4" straight piped exaust tone.