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Early 99 Instal - It Works!!!!

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  • Early 99 Instal - It Works!!!!

    Finally got my V3 installed on the weekend. I've had it for 2 months now but my buddy who has installed a couple of Greasecar kits and a couple of homemade kits is also a farmer so he was unable to help me until just last week. We got it installed in about 18 hours or so but would have been less if we had known exactly what we were doing. Probably 4 hours were spent putting the fuel fittings in the back fuel ports.

    NOTE TO OTHER early 99 owners looking at an instal. - When I bought the kit I had asked James if the early 99 were any different than late 99 for the instal and as I recall he said "you may have to grind the side of the turbo to get the one fuel fitting into the port". Sure enough on the driver's side rear port there was barely enough room to get the fitting in but not enough for the elbow onto it. So we had to take a die grinder to the exhaust pipe that comes from the driver side exhaust up to the turbo (is this what they call the Uppipe?). We shaved some off and got the fitting in. the part we shaved is right where there is extra metal where the top and bottom of the pipe meet so I was reasonably comfortable shaving some off.

    We worked all night on Sunday to get it done, filled her with fuel (actually overfilled it so I had my first oil spill already) and went for a test drive. Had one scare when after taking it easy to the edge of the city I got on it to see if the power was affected. There was a huge pop and air sound from under the hood. Quickly pulled over and found the driver side intercooler pipe was off. Then remembered that we had loosened the clamps on the driver side pipe but then changed our mind and never took it off. It had stayed on till I really poured the coal on and then it had popped off.

    As a testament to the faith I have in the V3, I did about a 15 mile test drive and everything worked fine so then my wife and I took off to the lake for a quick trip. Put about 250 miles on it that day and everything worked beautifully.

    The only issue I have is that the run time when I shut it off must be too short as I have very hard starts the last two mornings. I have read the other post so I will try to change the timer card tonight and get a longer run time. For the record I cannot rev up the engine like the other 7.3 owners are mentioning in the other post.

    Thanks Jason & James.