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Leaking pump X2

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  • Leaking pump X2

    Anyone else here had issues with oump leaking where it mounts to module?I climbed under the X today and notice3d it was leaking again,I am gonna try to tighten and apply some thread lock to those allen bolts(blue thread lock).This happened last may and that lead to the pump dying,so hopefully it isn't the same issue as I love this V3 setup.Anyone think of a way to keep components from rusting and wearing from winter salt?Not trying to rant or ,just the wife doesn't like the cars marking their territory............greasy
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    Once my shield/guard is done, the salt problem should go away completely.

    I'm just not sure how "contained" I can make the unit without making the filter harder to get to.
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      My pump has always seeped a bit...done that ever since I first got the system. Never had a pump fail though.

      One of these days I'm going to fab a cover up as well. One of these days...
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        My pump died a few weeks ago, it started poping the fuse when it tryed to come on so it was siezing up internally for some reason....luckily i had the pump on my old V2 - although that one was a short pump and i had to replace the allen bolts with some shorter ones. I just used hex head 6"...i think the alens are 7". Still waiting on my new replacement but i'm not complaining because i have this backup pump.