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Doing dumb things with vegetable oil

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  • Doing dumb things with vegetable oil

    I really did it this time...I've been running my veggie tank down to almost empty lately because I've been too busy on the weekends to collect and process oil. Between work, our wedding coming up (she's having her shower at our house and I'm still trying to finish putting up all new trim, baseboard, etc...), and stockpiling firewood for next winter it's been tough to find time to get to my sources and process. Anyway, my 60 gallon tank was damn near dry (or so I thought) when I came home Friday and I left the truck parked all weekend. I filled the centrifuge barrel Sunday night and CF'ed a 45 or so gallon batch of oil while we were having dinner. I got tied up with other stuff and by 9:00 didn't really feel like backing the truck into the garage and filling the tank so I resolved to do it first thing in the morning. I got up at 5:30 as usual, got the truck in the garage, switched the valves to divert oil from the drum to the fill hose, and flipped on the pump. Walked away, made my lunch, came back, walked away, ate breakfast, came back, walked away, took a shower, watched the news, kissed her goodbye, logged onto DFA...

    Hmmm...DFA...vegetable oil, why is that ringing a bell? Wow-did it just start raining harder?


    Luckily the oil drained out through the hole in the bed where the hoses enter which happened to be right above the drain that's set into the apron of my garage, plus it was raining so the oil that did get on the driveway didn't really stick. By the grace of God none got on the garage floor. The mess could have been much worse, but it did suck to know that I probably pumped almost 5 gallons of pristine dry oil down the drain. Anyway, have a good laugh at my expense...
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    Don't feel bad, most of us have done similar things. I walked away and my nozzle fell out of the tank, at least 5 gallons of perfect oil on my garage floor.
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      Bummer!! Easy to do when you're thinking of a million other things. Glad it wasn't any worse. - Patrick


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        Must be the weekend for screw ups as I overflowed my centrifuge Saturday night. Over flow out the top of the centrifuge vents after the oil heated up and expanded. Prob 2 or 3 gallons. Fortunately I have 3 or 4 layers of cardboard on the floor in my oil work area and it soaked up almost all of it. Threw down some oil asborb on the rest.... which reminds me I still need to go clean up.
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          lost 2 gallons into my cargo area tray,and had to wetvac it out.not one drop on the carpet
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            I've found its slow operations that cause me the most trouble. I never had problems with my 3" trash pump - it can move 275 gals of oil in 2 mins!! Ya don't let yer gaurd down for a second with that! But, pushing that last trickle thru a filter at 3 gals/hr will get me every time...
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    , I don't think I'd sweat it too much. I consider things like that "admission to the club".
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