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Using 1/2in PEX ball valves for coolant flow control?

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  • Using 1/2in PEX ball valves for coolant flow control?

    Has anyone used barbed PEX ball valves for directing their coolant flow in heating loops? I have seen quite a few 1/2in full port barbed PEX valves in lots on ebay for a lot less than it would cost me to buy a valve and 2 hose barbs.

    Do the barbs run true to size? As in if I bought 1/2in valves with barbs, and attached 1/2 in heater hose to it with clamps or a crimp would it fit right? I want to put a few valves in my system to allow me to control how much hot coolant goes to the heater core in my truck, and how much is directed thru the tank in the bed.

    The pex valves seem to be a little more compact than a threaded barb+valve+barb would have to be, and I've even seen a few with smaller handles much like the mini ball valves I have seen

    I could prolly hit up home depot with a section of heater hose to test this out, but alas its a little to late to do that tonight.
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    I believe the PEX valves run a different size. I thing the 5/8in valves measure around 1/2in od. But you might want to check at home depot before you take my word for it. Also I don't like the barbs on the PEX fittings, they just don't seem to hold very well.
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