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What engines can use 100% WMO- Motor Oil

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  • What engines can use 100% WMO- Motor Oil

    I have alot of waste motor oil that would be great to use as fuel, what engines will run good on 100% WMO? WMO will be ran through the vegistroke system.

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    I would not recommend running straight motor oil. My brother did in his jetta for a little while and had a bunch of problems from the police. If you decide to use it, you would need to filter it very well or mix it with WVO to dilute it. That stuff will smoke like crazy. To answer your question, I don't know for sure except for my brother's 2002 jetta. I bet all the older diesels will with no problem, just not sure about newer DI ones.
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      I wouldn't suggest it, I tried it in my jetta and F350 with bad results. Even filtering to .5 micron, filters didn't last long and lost power. If mixed with WVO it makes a real mess and clogs everything. I suggest a waste oil heater for your shop, or take it to a parts store for recycling.
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        I have a waste oil boiler,and I don't burn that stuff,stick with WVO,or #2 or aggie fuel,in a waste boiler,less dirty.Only WVO in rigs,less expensive in the long run............................................... ....
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          If filtered well, mixed with 20-50% regular diesel, and done in the "warmer" months it runs beautifully in a 7.3L. I did a 50/50 blend of WMO and heating oil that I bag filtered thru a 5/1 micron bag for 30 minutes. mind you this went in my stock fuel tank on my 2000 7.3L DI truck, oh yeah and it was summer time.

          After filling up I had to go on a 500 mile round trip to pickup a car to tow back to my shop. Ran great and I was actually able to get my truck to make a little smoke when putting the pedal all the way down :-)

          I have also burned 75% ATF with 25% #2 mixed in, no problems cept it smells like a burning transmission.

          with proper filtering and IF there is no water or coolant in the oil you can burn just about anything in a 7.3L, within reason. If I had lots of WMO available to me and I knew it was water/gas/coolant free I would burn that just as much as I would burn WVO, just thin it out with regular diesel, heating oil, ect. I would not run it 100% even with a heated WVO system.

          Good idea to put a pre pump additional fuel filter on your truck if you do this, that way it's filtered 2 more times before it hits your injectors.
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            Lots of reasons this is a BAD idea. Please don't do it. Besides damage to your $10k engine, the emissions are horrible - we all have to breathe this air, ok?
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              Never tried it, but from everything I've read, it's not real good for the engine.
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