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Keeping Dirt Out of the Toolbox (RDS 60gal)

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  • Keeping Dirt Out of the Toolbox (RDS 60gal)

    I have a 60 gal RDS tank with the toolbox top. There is a piece of weatherstripping around the inside of the lid, but that doesn't seem to keep dirt from flying up into the toolbox area.

    Last weekend I had a full bed of dirt/compost and when I opened up the toolbox later there was dirt everywhere as it had blown in there while driving. I usually keep hoses, funnel, rags, and such in the toolbox compartment and it is a pain for it to get dirty. I can easily put that stuff in a plastic bin, but I still don't want a pile of dirt sitting in the toolbox.

    Anyone come up with a solution that works for better sealing the area between the lid and the body of the tank? I put some other weatherstripping on the inside lip where the lid comes down, but it didn't do as much as I had hoped. I was thinking maybe some sort of rubber gasket?

    Any ideas?


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    mine leaked dirt into it also...and hay and you name it. Then i traded tanks and the new one doesnt leak


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      I'm not familiar with the latching system on that setup, but my box latches are adjustable. If your latches are adjustable, just try making it a snug fit.
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        I've yet to get a lot of dirt in mine, but I did notice that the weather stripping provided by RDS didn't look to hot. I think a lot of the problem comes from the fact that the weather stripping they put on there doesn't stay where it should. At least I've noticed that on mine. I had the same thing happen with some weather stripping that came with a bed cover I bought for my Ranger. I was designed to go between the tailgate and the end of the bed, but after about three times of opening and closing the tailgate, it was stuck everywhere but where it was supposed to be. First time I hauled any dirt or leaves in the bed, it was then covered with crap and basically useless. I think I ended up just pulling it off and throwing it in the trash.

        I might look into other types of weather stripping and see if I can find anything that might work better.
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          I meant to post this a while ago when I did it, but I bought some universal weatherstripping from JC Whitney and it has worked out well.

          It is pretty nice stuff, with the metal inside, and holds well on the inside lip of the box. I have plenty left over as it only took what was required to seal the inside of lip of the toolbox.

          If anyone wants the rest, I am happy to give it to you. There should be plenty to seal another toolbox tank.

          Feel free to PM me if you want it.
          2001 F-250 CC Lariat 4x4 7.3 PSD V3 (Jan-13-2009)


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            Originally posted by greasedltn View Post
            I'm not familiar with the latching system on that setup, but my box latches are adjustable. If your latches are adjustable, just try making it a snug fit.
            This is exactly how I sealed mine up.
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              I've had the same prob. I always forget about fixing it until I need to get something out of it. No way to get anything out of there without getting dirty.

              Will need to look into tightening the latch and weatherstripping if needed. Good post marc-o. Apparently several people have had the same issue. Can always count on a solution from this group.

              If I can't adjust the latch I may take you up on that weatherstripping.
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