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coolant hose failure

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  • coolant hose failure

    I'll start by saying, I do not think I recieved this hose from DFA. I do not remember. I have an alacart system built a few years ago. It is 1/2" coolant hose made by Powertrack from malaysia.

    In my tool/fuel box I noticed black gook under the coolant hose loop where some veg oil had spilled. I lifted the hose up to inspect, the hose has basically dissolved almost through. Upon lifting it I also noticed cracks in areas not in contact with any veg oil, lifting it a little more revealed the cracks are all the way through and coolant started to leak right out. Glad I found it sitting in my yard and I have a bunch of goodyear coolant hose in my shop. I do have evans coolant that is pressureless. Maybe that helped it not leak until I lifted the hose up?

    My point of the post....Periodic inspections of any modifications done to you vehicle is not a bad idea.
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    Frash, I strongly agree...I did an inspection of all of mine this past weekend.

    Believe it or not, I found a couple hoses, one of which was a fuel hose, that showed some signifcant wear on them from vibrating against other things on the truck.

    I ended up wrapping the areas with insulation tape to prevent it from getting any worse.

    I'll have to keep an eye on it.
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