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Some considerations for new installers...

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  • Some considerations for new installers...

    Have a couple of things that may help anyone ready to do an install:

    Before my kit arrived, I made up a portable platform that allowed me to hover above my 7.3 and reach everything comfortably. It only took a short time to construct but worked great. I was able to slide it back and forth to put my hands directly on some of the tough to reach parts of the engine. The platform spanned the entire engine compartment with me resting comportably about four inches above the work to be done.

    Winters in PA are pretty cold. I used HOH in my install and wanted to make sure my veg didn't lose heat enroute from the V3 to the engine. I insulated all the lines running from the V3 forward as well as back to the tank. Although I was careful to route fuel and coolant lines away from hot stuff, the insulation also gave me a bit of peace of mind in protecting those lines from turbo and exhaust heat (used fire resistant foil faced fiberglass from the V3 forward).

    I am probably going to go back and put a temp gauge up in the engine bay at the "T" where the fuel supply from the V3 splits enroute to each cylinder bank. The system produces a lot of heat and I want to make sure I don't lose any of it enroute to the engine. Lot of peace of mind seeing 160F close to where veg enters the engine. If you are looking at an install, I would recommend doing this as part of the process to avoid having to go back and do it after completion.

    Just some thoughts. Hope someone can use some of this.