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    As some of you know, last year was a tough one for me. I lost my job, found out my dog had cancer, and was sued. All in less than a week. My life turned into a country song. However, my gf (who had only been with me for a few months) stood by my side and was the high point of me being low. Soooo, Sunday I snuck into her work and popped the question: "Ya'll got corndogs here?" Wait, that was another time.

    Yup, I'm gettin' hitched! The big day is 4/10/10.

    (PS -- I can't believe she said yes either) lol
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    Congrats Snake. You picked a good day, it's my birthday. Hope your life continues on the upward trail.
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      Now just sit back, relax and let the wedding plan itself. You don't want to get involved with that stuff... just sign the checks.
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        Always great to see things turn around and get headed in the right direction, especially for a fellow greaser. Hope you have many happy years together. - Patrick


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          Congrats man! Hope things keep going well for you and your fiance!
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            congrats Mike, glad it went well!

            It was really great to meet you this past weekend. We made it home safely, and with minimal diesel use thanks to you
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              Dont do it!!!

              Run away!

              Its not too late!!!



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                If you'll invite me, I'll make sure your truck has max load of VO on board and will leave it running outside before ceremony. After that, it will truly be too late to take Clay's advice!

                JK, congratulations! I've got over 9 yrs of wedded bliss with my sweetheart already, poor girl... She's been putting up with me for 15yrs now!
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                  Good luck to you and your new bride.
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