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  • Nobody told me.....

    ..... that I'd lose weight after installing a Vegistroke. I last visited a gas station mid May. I'm sure Frito and Coke are feeling my absence.
    2002 F250 7.3

    If it walks like a duck.....

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    I never thought of that...

    That brings up a good question. Do you guys keep your diesel tank topped off or do you fill it up when it gets low? Do you need to add a fuel stabilizer because of the length of time the diesel stays in the tank?

    Just wondering...I have about 3 weeks on my vegistroke and I started with less than a half a tank of diesel and today I have a little over a quarter tank of diesel so I have used very little.
    2000 F250 7.3L
    Vegistroke installed July 12, 2008


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      I first filled mine up with a 1/4 tank. I just filled up yesterday and I figured I have gotten 75 miles to the gallon of diesel. I don't think you would need any additive in the diesel.
      Elvia the HandyMan
      2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
      V3 March 2008


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        I typically go 1.5 months between diesel stops. Never needed any stabilizer. However, my increased visits to my suppliers establishments, and the cravings for fried food from the exhaust have actually increased my junk-food intake. However, since I exercise about 5 hours a day, it hasn't resulted in weight gain.
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          I don't use a stabilizer...i think diesel has a long shelf life.
          I do keep my tank half full rather than all the way full just for less wieght but topping it off will help keep condensation out of the tank so there are pros and cons to both.


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            With a few months to go until winter, I am planning on maintaining about a quarter tank. If there really are cold weather additives put in diesel fuel, I would like more room in my tank to receive the winter fuel and will probably run 3/4 tank through the winter to minimize condensation as well.