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Turbo Timer/Purge Malfunction

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  • Turbo Timer/Purge Malfunction

    Hey Guys,

    So I shut the van down the other day after running on veggie for about 5 hours and the engine shut off immediately. No purge, no 1 minute addition run time. Green light was clearly on before shut down, and both lights and the timer cards stayed on after shut down as if they were running the purge cycle, but without the engine running.

    Any ideas? Loose connection somewhere? It's a V3.... recently replaced the pressure switch and FASS pump. No other variables that I can think of.


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    If both lights on card are on, check your running output for power, it sounds like something may have come loose.
    '01 F350, lariat LE, cc, lb, drw, TSP 6pos. chip w/ swamps ss tunes, FF stage 1.5, MBRP 4" turbo back, cooling mist water injection.


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      As greasedltn said, check to see if you have power coming out of the electronics module when the engine should be running. If you do, I would go to the fuse block under the hood and check that the run wire is still hooked up properly (my bet would be that it came loose there). If it's OK, also check for power at the fuse block when the engine should be running. - Patrick