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Solar powered Block heater/battery tender

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  • Solar powered Block heater/battery tender

    I have been talking to some of my solar savy associates on this idea.I plan to install several slim line photo cells to the GreasyXs roof,so I could keep the block warm without the old 110 routine.I will be using a yakima "basket" rack to hold the solar panels.I wil use either plexi or extruded steel as an over head protector.I am currantlly trying to source a small compact power converter(12V to 110) to power a few "magnet warmers" and a battery tender.If this works out i will build the wife one for her LIBBY..........greasy
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    This sounds interesting when you get to the point of implementation please take several pictures along the way I would love to see how this turns out. How tough are the solar panels will they put up with constant possible road abuse such as wind, sand, rock etc?


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      Costco has some very economical inverters. I bought a 1200watt inverter at HF on sale for just over $100 last summer, then saw a bigger unit for less at costco... BTW, the 1200 will run my HF 'blue pump', but only if truck is running.

      FYI, the factory block heater is 1000watts. Thats ALOT of juice from solar. I have had a couple of 400 watt magnetic block/oil pan heaters and have decided they do little to warm the engine if its very cold out.

      Keep us posted!
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