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  • Fuel gelling

    Well, I had my first experience with gelled diesel this weekend - what a nightmare! It was about -10F and the truck started fine & warmed up fine. Then, when I went to hit the go pedal, it started loping & sounded like crap & then clunked around a bit and then just died. I immediately thought it was fuel starvation, but didn't suspect my D2 fuel filter b/c it only had about 4K miles on it. The truck wouldn't restart right away, but after sitting for an hour or so with the block heater engaged, it started up fine & then did the exact same thing.

    At the time, I had about 1/2 tank of D2, so I added 5 gallons of kerosene (onhand in my shed to fuel my back-up space heater in case power goes out in my house) & let that circulate a bit. In the night, I started it again and it did better, but still sounded like it was being starved of fuel. This morning, she started and ran fine, so I knew it wasn't the filter & it was the D2 in the tank. So, I promptly added in about 1/3 tank of K1 and lots of injector lube. I also went down to Tractor Supply and got a plentiful supply of PowerService so I don't have to mix D2/K1,... K1 is expensive!

    I'm guessing that if I'd had the V3 & veg onboard, I could have switched over after she warmed up,... wouldn't that have been nice! Better get off my a-- and get that sucker installed...
    '02 7.3L Excursion Limited; ~242Kmi total; ~157Kmi on WVO
    Vegistroke V3 (4/09); HIH, Aux Pump, FPHE (11/10); PHP Gryphon custom; 6637;
    WW; Turbomaster; EBPV delete; 4" exhaust; Terminator HPOP; Tru-cool; Evans NPG+;
    ARI triple-disc TC; V/B-code springs; Bilsteins; 30mm sway bar; 190A alternator; F650 dash; etc.

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    Be glad it happened in the garage it has happened to me twice now after I had gotten down the road. This last time there was #1 fuel in the tank.