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    I notice that DFA is now selling a guage package and pillar pod kit which is great. The description of the package is
    "ISSPRO EV Series Mechanical fuel pressure gauge, isolator, gauge hose, tubing kit, fittings, tapped banjo bolt (12v and CR 5.9 trucks only) ISSPRO EV Series Boost gauge, tubing kit, boost bolt ISSPRO EV Series Pyrometer, thermocouple, leadwire Triple A- pillar (94-02 black, 03-07 taupe) Wire kit for lights"

    The question I have is with regard to the fuel pressure guage. Is it even legal to have a mechanical fuel pressure guage inside the cab of a vehicle? Why wouldn't they use an electronic guage with the sender being attached to the schrader valve somehow and use the accessory wire that was included with the V3 control module?

    This seems to be a very good price for guages so I am quite interested in it. Just not sure as I think I would rather have tranny temp than boost (I am not running any chips or tunes right now).

    I know the DFA guys are way smarter than me so just thought I would ask the questions that are occuring to my simple mind.


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    The 'isolator' on your list does that. No fuel pressure in cabin. Typically you fill the tubing from isolator to gauge w/antifreeze. Fuel pressure is transferred to antifreeze...

    An electronic sending unit and gauge is worth the extra $$ IMHO. Same goes for (4) gauge pod...
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      Thanks Jason

      As I said I don't understand all this stuff so thanks for the info.