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Craziest Greaser in the WORLD? "><"

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  • Craziest Greaser in the WORLD? "><"

    I moonlight on, and I came across something and said WTF.There is thread on there about a Plastic surgery place burning Fat from people in a EXCURSION.I, as well as others like ta burn the HI-TEST animal fat in my greasemobile,but never have I thought such a dirty little thing.It is feasible,and most likely the same theory as Animal fats,we are animals right?This guy was twisted,please look for your self overthere,if you find this odd..(or just ponder for your self,the morality of such an act of a doctor...........greasy
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    I read the same thing on Forbes. I thought it was crazy too. I posted the link a few days ago. I would buy diesel before I did this.
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      Hmmm,... a new idea for fuel source! Well, it's pretty gross, but I've hear similar rumors/stories of high-end fancy soap companies -- and also I'm thinking of Fight Club, so doesn't surprise me that someone thought of burning it for fuel. Too morbid for me though; and it can't smell good!!

      As far as morality,... well, I got ta contemplate on that... I just got ta contemplate it... does that make him a cannibal?
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        thats just sick


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          I could donate a few miles.


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            well it keeps it out of the landfill right????

            This is a weird thought but I wonder what his exhaust smells like?

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