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Some great veg containers from the car wash

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  • Some great veg containers from the car wash

    Recently got some really nice containers for storing and transporting veg. My local car wash used to get soap and cleaners in 5 gallon buckets with an open top like a dry wall bucket. They recently switched to 5 gallon containers kinda like cubies. The container is rigid and made with plastic that is thick and strong. The container has a heavy duty handle and a large diameter screw down lid with a gasket. Very easy to clean out and a secure way to transport veg without the fear of a leak. - Patrick

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    I've also found some really good containers from pools (chlorine comes in it) or at hotels (laundry detergent)-they are both thick plastic with screw on lids. I have also used these on long road trips-just filled them up in the bed of the truck and when my tank runs out I used a bilge pump (hand pump-used in whitewater rafts) to transfer the oil from the 15 gallon container to the tank. It works well and does the job fast!
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      Bio, any worry of contamination from previous contents? I imagine a good cleaning would do it, but it's something I always think about.

      What do you use to clean them out?
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