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    I just took a call from a someone we have dealt with in the past who used to help Daniel Tanton do installs. He owns a shop in in up state NY. He would like to offer 200 gals of free oil when they have a Vegistroke installed at his shop. This is a great offer so spread the word if anyone is going to or thinking of purchasing a system in and around that area to think about taking advantage of this kind of deal!!

    Mike Leeder
    Box Car Biofuel
    (315) 232-3746

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    Mike is the guy who helped install my V3. Great guy. Let him stay in my house... and didn't worry a bit. He dropped off 800 gallons of his oil when they did the install and I haven't had a single problem at all. Dan also runs Mike's oil and has for thousands of miles.

    Good Luck Mike!!
    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08