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Hi-temp oil thermometer on the cheap!

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  • Hi-temp oil thermometer on the cheap!

    The other day the wife dragged me to Linens 'N Things (we got to go to Tractor Supply and Lowes after that ) because the entire chain is going out of business and they're liquidating everything. I scored a stainless steel deep frying thermometer (100-400 degrees F), a stainless steel ladle for taking samples from the CF barrel, etc... Everything at this point is 40% off and getting cheaper as they try to get rid of it all. They're even selling fixtures once the merchandise is gone so I'll be back because some of the shelving/racks would be great for the garage.
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    Yes my wife was on the east coast last week and the store was almost cleaned out, fixtures and all, we went to a store in O'fallon Missouri last week and you can't hardly tell their going out of business, they even have a help wanted sign as you come in, prices are 20% off


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      sweet, we havethose chains here in OK...i'll have to go score me some shelves for the shop!


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        ^ may have to take a trip there on lunch to see what I can find. I was in there with the wife a couple weeks ago and it never crossed my mind about thermometers and the like.

        I also noticed they were selling the racks and everything...I think I'd rather have those than their merchandise.
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