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    Anyone here know besides accesories and intercooler what can be taken off a 2005 6.0 Ex and put on my 2000 7.3 ex?I ordered my AIS from ford ,when i got to the Stealer in the yard sat a 2005 ex fully decked out with every option ever.Its one down fall it has a blown engine,go figure.Owner is not under warranty,and dealer said $12,000 for new engine with labor.He said truck is from NJ and blew Engine on Vacation in the white mountains.He also stated owner is "thinking" of selling it ,as not to tow back to NJ,and then spend 12K.Should I call and make offer?,and how much?If i field stripped it there is over 5K in accessories(rims,brush bar,tuners,running boards,and nice limited interior.I'm thinking its a good way to get everthing i want for the GreasyX,and make money at the same time............any input appreciated.........greasy
    2000 7.3X V3 So much fun,so little time,Support small Oil,burn WVO,Free and greasy down the road I go!!!!!!!!!!completely self sufficient and proud of it. (Wood pontoon....solarsheat twins this summer.....I don't Know much.......I'm just a hillbilly with too many guns..............

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    If you wanted to, I think you could upgrade your front end... I think.
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      Well, there is a totaled (front end damage) '01 F350 4wd CC Lariat for sale near my house right now - asking $4k, allegedly still runs.

      I want the interior and a few other things and was debating picking it up and parting it out over the winter.

      Let me know if yer interested in this engine - maybe we can work something out.

      Also, I've looked at several $5k V10 Excursions that were BEAUTIFUL. Very seriously thinkin' about getting one of those and dropping a (built and greased) 12v into it... (selling the V10 to some dude w/a Hot Rod or something!) Cool thing is, it looks like I'll still be able to use a Vegistroke kit!:chuckles:
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