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    This is my winter project,1977 porcshe 924+kubota 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine+2 transmissons=100 MPG ,hopefully.I'm entering in this contest to built a car that gets 100 MPG,its called Auto X.I'm gonna build it with a few friends this winter and hope to race it across the country to win 5 million dollars.What they don't know,and I hope no-one tells is it will be on WVO!!!I will be spreading the gospel of grease at every stop.There is no better way to get attention then a bright yellow Porcshe,with a Sunfower Decal on back window.Any tech Ideas would be gratefully used,and if I win anything YOU will be compensated.Wish me luck,gotta go find a home for that gas motor........greasy
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    Greasy, thats awesome. I had a friend in high school whose Dad taught us all ALOT. He had some really cool projects like the VW bug body sitting on modified 460ci Lincoln Continental frame (it wouldn't ever hook up btw, even w/15" wide tires, but those 50 mph burnouts were ALWAYS FUN)...

    Anyway, he always wanted to put a Kubota engine in an MG. I have revisited that idea many times and more recently than ever!! PLEASE keep us posted or at least photo document your progress so you can tell us about it AFTER you win!!:chuckles:

    Best of luck, let us know how we can help! Specifically keeping ya in grease on the trip/race! :cheers:
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    RIP X & Toyhauler - you served us well.


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      Sounds like the ideal platform.

      Good Luck Greasy!!
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        Jack McCornack of Kinetic Vehicles will be some of your competition

        Good Luck!!!
        2001 F250 Crew Cab V3 Conversion