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Yet another benefit of free fuel

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  • Yet another benefit of free fuel

    I spent my Columbus Day off today hauling scrap that I had accumulated at my folks' place before I moved out. Gas grills, copper pipe, miscellaneous light iron, appliances, etc... I also picked up some more junk from a house that my dad is cleaning out (he buys and sells antiques and furniture on the side) and ended up making four trips to the scrap yard. The yard is probably about 15 miles from my house so thats 120 miles, plus the round trip to my folks and back, which is 160 miles for a total of 280 miles-half of which is stop and go driving. I made $350 total at the yard, but on diesel, the trip would have cost me about $70 at today's price in Central New Jersey ($3.65)-THANKS DFA!!! I can't wait to make a trip out to western PA to pick up some coal...
    Currently dieselless!