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Holy Quiet Injectors! Is this thing running?

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  • Holy Quiet Injectors! Is this thing running?

    Took my truck on it's maiden voyage with the V3 installed last night. I went to stop at the 1st stop sign after the system went into automatic, and my engine died. Instantly I thought to myself, "Crap, I just made a $4k mistake!" But then I realized my engine was still running and the injectors were just that much more quiet! I had read in a different post that running WVO makes your injectors more quiet, but I had no idea it was to this magnitude!

    With that out of the way, just want to give DFA a thumbs up on a well thought out system that integrated very well with the rest of my truck. Great job guys!

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    Haha...almost doesn't sound like a diesel anymore does it?

    I too was amazed how much quieter it is when running on oil. Almost makes it too loud when it's running on #2...LOL.
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      I have a 7.3 which really doesnt change that much, as far as noise output, But I cant wait to get my wife a 6.0 (V3ed super quiet) Excursion as our family truckster.
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        $4,000 mistake?


        Buying the V3 would be the cheap part... fixing the motor would be the $$$.

        My 7.3 is quieter... but without an exhaust on the truck, it doesn't matter

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          i rememb er my maiden voyage test drive after install...same thing, at the stoplight i had to roll my window down and listen cause i though the truck had died and then i still had to look at the tach and rev it up to make sure.
          "But like Jack, i straight piped from the turbo back and now its sounds sweet!


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            Must be the 6.0, My 7.3 doesn't change much
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              I agree. With my 7.3 it is noticable but not by much.
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                another vote for much quieter at idle,especially hi-idle winter warm-up
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                  Originally posted by triplemoutdoors View Post
                  I agree. With my 7.3 it is noticable but not by much.
                  yes quieter, a little... but it smells different, a couple of days ago I was on a two lane blacktop in heavy traffic and I started smelling diesel real strong, I'm thinking great whats leaking now? A couple of miles up the road I see a stake bed dually pulling a trailer make a left turn and he's dumping fuel all over the road as he turned, I bet I was grinning from ear to ear.


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                    Originally posted by triplemoutdoors View Post
                    I agree. With my 7.3 it is noticable but not by much.
                    Same here. My 7.3 is pretty loud with my exhaust and I love it. You can hear whistling and all that good stuff. Those new 6.4's are super quiet, so I wonder how they sound on oil?