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SPAM - How to deal with it

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  • SPAM - How to deal with it

    As you have realized, the spammers have found the door into the forum and we are working to stop it.
    We need your help so heres what i ask of you.

    send a PM to any admin/moderator you see is online at that time.

    Do not reply to a spam post

    Do not click on any links in a spam post
    We will do our best to keep this trash cleaned up.
    Simply report it to us and we will ban the user...meanwhile additional protection is being researched.
    remember, If you think the subject line sounds like smam, it probably is and if you do not want to subject yourself to whatever may present itself in this post, do not click on it. It may be x rated.

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    If it doesn't look good, just hover over the link and it will give you a preview of what the post is about. If it is nonsense... don't click it.
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