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    DFA would like to take a moment to announce the Joint Venture of Alternative Auto Care and Dino Fuel Alternatives. Alternative Auto Care is our Master Dealer for Arizona and will be exclusively dealing with DFA conversions. Dave Roberson made a trip to Oregon to visit us and talk out fusing AAC & DFA at the hip in Arizona. With the quality an care that Dave puts into everything he does we have absolutely no doubt that this will be a positive model that all other dealers will be trying to live up to. Dave is already one of our top selling dealers and with what we have outlined, neither Jason or myself have any doubt that he will be the #1 mover of Vegistroke and VegiRam kits. Dave has also volunteered his time to assist us at SEMA in November, so needless to say we are extremely grateful for his assistance at this event. Please take a moment if you would to introduce yourself Dave and everyone please welcome Dave to the forum!! :cheers:

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    Welcome Dave...where in AZ are you located?
    2000 F250 7.3L
    Vegistroke installed July 12, 2008


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      welcome,from the white Mountains of the granite State............
      2000 7.3X V3 So much fun,so little time,Support small Oil,burn WVO,Free and greasy down the road I go!!!!!!!!!!completely self sufficient and proud of it. (Wood pontoon....solarsheat twins this summer.....I don't Know much.......I'm just a hillbilly with too many guns..............


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        Thanks Guys. My shop is in Mesa,Az. I have been doing installs for 2 years and opened my shop in March 2007. I am 53 years old and have been a mechanic since the early 1970's. I have a website at . More of my Ford Installs will appear in the next week or so.

        I have installed most all of the competitions kits before I tryed a veggiestroke kit. After 10 or so installs I am SOLD on the product. I wanted to develop my own kits at one time but after seeing these I no longer want to.

        I will be a stocking dealer and encourage other shops in Az to purchase kits from us.

        Before making this decision to go exclusive with DFA I wanted to meet them. I spent 3 days with them last week and KNOW they will go far. Dedication to the best product possible is the first goal.

        Thanks guys.

        Dave Roberson
        95 Dodge Ram. Running on Recycled Vegetable Oil since 5-07. Sold.. 96 Ford F250 System in progress. 2-16 Sold 2001 F350 System in progress.Sold Owner


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          Congrats and welcome AZ Dave! Glad to see another shop is stocking and selling the Vegistroke!
          Greasin & Grinin
          Vegi oil powered since Aug 08
          2006 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Vegistroke converted 1/27/13!!
          2008 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold
          2005 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold