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Cheapest place for Donaldson filter

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  • Cheapest place for Donaldson filter

    James, Jason -- thanks for the quick call backs today. I really appreciate it and I'm up and running again.

    So 30 minutes into a 150 mi round trip, I realize that my LED light isn't on. I know I have plenty of veggie oil in the tank and I didn't get the blinking light indicating a restricted fuel filter. Couple of calls to James and Jason and l check my pre-filter (all good). Well, good except for the oil slick I left behind in the parking lot. Oops. Come back home and swap out the filter and all is well. Only had 2500 mi on the system, but its apparently not uncommon to have a filter clog that early with a new install.

    So my spare filter is now on the V3. Where's the best place to buy a couple of extras?


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    Sorry dont know on $$, but I am curious -what does your filtration setup look like?
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    40gal frame mounted tank

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      Heavy truck Service Centers

      A guy how used to work on the commerical trucks I drove turned out to be the biggest asset to my Vegi-stroke adventures.He owns a heavy truck Service/parts center,and I buy Filter from him in bulk.I get them for $10 a piece by the half or whole case(6 or 12).Pick up the phone and call nearest truck stop/repair facility,I know the type of good old boys that run those places,They are always a wealth of info.I drove truck for a long time(135,000 miles yearly for 5.5 years),and i the one thing I know is if you got a oil-burner ie;Diesel Truck ,the guys at the heavy truck places are your mecca in a sea of big box auto stores.If they don't have it,they can and will get it for you.It's a form of brotherhood that is hard to explain,these are the type of people that will help strangers in need,just because they are needy,these are the guys that tow you home when you gel your tank(for a sixer or two),These are the men that move this country.Please buy local,our economy needs that,Sam Walton can't spend your money from his grave.So the next time you see that bear in the chair,throw the wig-wags to those Longhaulers.He is just trying to make a living,and compete with Chinese dictatorship.........sorry I'm dun rantin....grease out
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        a place here in OKC called Pro Filters sells them for 11 bucks. Its a filter specialty place and any large city should have something similar. If not, Jason sells them for a good price.


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          I had my installer bring a case with him. I think they were $10-12 each... well worth buying in bulk.

          I have 2 behind my seat at all times, along with extra hose and a filter wrench.
          Vegistrokin since 08/23/08