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  • Hurricane Gustaf

    Hey guys and gals.
    As most of you know, we just had another hurricane in New Orleans and surrounding area. We evacuated to Conroe Texas on Sunday. I have a brother in Conroe and another in Cut n Soot (real city name) Hopefully, we will be able to return home on Thursday. From what I heard, My home is fine, maybe just some tree damage. but, I won't know for sure till I get there.
    I loaded a 275 gallon tote in the truck and filled up my 51 gallon tank and headed out. I can Gleefully report that there was not a problem for the trip. I traveled 425 miles on 30 gallons of veggie. the diesel gauge is still pegged past full. I had 325 gallons on board for the trip, because the forecast was for about 15 to 20 foot o water might be heading my way. Brought all my tools and 6 ice chest of food from our freezers and refrigerators. Packed as much as we could in the car and truck, since we didn't know when we might be able to go home. With my tools, I could work. At least we all are eating well.
    Elvia the HandyMan
    2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
    V3 March 2008

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    Hurricane? Wheat hurricane?
    Just kidding...Gustaf is in Oklahoma now and they are predicting 12-24" of rain which will be very damaging to the low lieing areas.
    We had 10" of rain here in Aug - which is totally unheard of and now this...i am growing webs between my toes i think.


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      Elvia glad to hear you made it out. And that you have oil to spare for running around the next few days. Was wondering why you said you were headed to Texas when the storm was headed that way. Know I know. I love the names of towns in Texas. We went once to Dimebox TX not that it is much of a town.

      Our parents are in Pensacola and today they were getting tornados from the last of the storm. All was well though.

      Let us know how much damage there was once you get home.



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        Glad to hear you are doing ok. Keep us posted.
        Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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          we have had an inch of rain in the last 20 minutes from the storm...looks to be going more east through AR now. We are on the very outskirts of it. Welcoming the rain though.


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            I had some friends come up from Lake Charles LA. I am glad to hear 90-95% of New Orleans was evacuated.
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              Glad to hear you made it out Elvia...New Orleans was very fortunate with this one. Could have been much worse I suppose.

              Take some pics and post them up when you get back in town.

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                Got back in town last night, My home is intact with no damage. Lots of tree damage though, lost my gazebo, fences, gates and other small stuff. Power is back on. some neighbors still don't have power though, different power feeds.
                I'm leaving the boards up though because Ike is just a few days out.
                We were Blessed this time. there were some people that evacuated from New Orleans to Baton Rouge that were killed from trees falling through the roof. The surrounding areas North and West were hit really hard this time. From the news this morning Gustaf is still wracking havoc all the way up North.
                I'll take some pics and post soon.
                Thanks for those who sent prayers.
                Elvia the HandyMan
                2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
                V3 March 2008