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Some pics of my install...

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  • Some pics of my install...

    For the most part the install was all work and no play, but I tried to snap a couple while we were working.

    Parts of the kit:

    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08

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    Dan under the hood. Lifted trucks are so easy to work on... underneath Of course the 3" body lifft made everything easier under the hood.

    Before we removed the AC and ALT. Here you can see the additional 3 inches of clearance over the turbo... much nicer to work on.

    Mike Leeder... my oil guy. Hard at work bolting up the manifold. Here you can see how high Mike has to reach up to the frame of the truck. While we were wrapping the lines we were actually sitting up underneath it. Heads between the frame rail and the body.
    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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      Manifold up on the truck

      In bed tank before I connected everything.

      I'll get better pics of the final look of the truck. Maybe some vids...

      Thanks for viewing.
      Vegistrokin since 08/23/08