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  • V3 under water

    Went out to a hunting lease in SW Florida on the SW corner of Lake Ockeechobee, a week after TS Fay. 2300 acres of cow pasture & woods under 1-3' of water, maybe 100 acres were dry. Had to traverse this water to get to the camp. Thank God for 4 wheel drive, truck had no problems, luckily I had just relocated the breather filter on my X tank higher, but I know everything was under water, V3 module & all, no problems at all, 4 Wheelin' on oil, whoohoo! 250 mile trip in all.

    This was taken in the truck, leaving. The water had finally gone down about 8-10".

    Took home my first boar!
    00' 7.3L Limited EX 4X4, V3 40g tank, Night Vision camera, Icom Ham radio, Urban Survival Vehicle
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    Get the BQ Ready

    Nice boar. I had one a couple of months ago. slow cooked it on a wood fired pit. Nothing like fresh meat
    When I go through water the light goes out for a minute or so. the water cools the filter and block off for a bit. then comes back on.
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      I was actually wondering how the V3 would work in conditions like this. I doubt I'll be fording any water anytime soon, but it's good to know that it won't affect the V3.

      I guess as long as the wiring is good, there probably won't be any issues.
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        Thats good to know...I have a 2WD so my truck will sink like a rock. But the V3 should withstand the flash floods we have once in a while.
        2000 F250 7.3L
        Vegistroke installed July 12, 2008


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          Nice pig too. I have a place here in N Texas that I go to several times per year and get a couple of pigs for the freezer. Its a small hunting ranch and you will always see a pig or two.
          2000 F250 7.3L
          Vegistroke installed July 12, 2008