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Capacity of 40 gal X tank?

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  • Capacity of 40 gal X tank?

    Anyone figured out the exact capacity of the 40 gallon excursion tank?
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    Originally posted by captgrady View Post
    Anyone figured out the exact capacity of the 40 gallon excursion tank?
    I would say... 40.
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      I did some measurements and ran the numbers to be about 41.5 gallons. Minus some measurement error, I'd say the 40g is probably pretty close.
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        yeah minus all the crap inside the tank.

        I filled up yesterday and my meter measured like 34 gals pumped in.

        I also think the RDS sender sucks. It's like 4" too short.

        I will be fixing that problem in another post soon :-)
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          don'y forget to leave room for heat expansion,you don't want any of that WVO to go on the ground......grease out
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            There is not really that much expansion from heat. I filled mine up to the very bottom of the fill up tube once to see what would come out. I have a clear tube that runs into a gallon container. I measured out about 2 tablespoons full. I would say that to be safe though, don't fill it to the top. I think you get more out from going around curves and hills (if you have them) than from expansion.
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