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    I just had my kit installed and I noticed when I was turning off the system before I shut down the truck that the switch was hot. Very Hot.

    If I understand that switch correctly, it always has power going through it right? That switch controls some functions that do not rely on the key being on. Is there a relay in line with that switch, or should it not be hot at all?

    I'm thinking it always has a current going to the switch, which is keeping it warm, so if I put a relay inline I can remove the amps from the switch, and it will still function properly, and stay cool.

    It is not so hot that you can't touch it or that I think it will burn the truck to the ground... but it is too hot to hold your finger on it for more than 3 seconds before you regret it.

    Anyone else's button hot?
    Vegistrokin since 08/23/08

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    I was actually about to get on here to pose the same question. If you look at it at night, there is even a very very dim light that looks like it's being lit. I can only see it at night, though. I actually haven't left the switch in the automatic position for long periods of time when the truck is off (i.e. overnight, parked at work) and switch it to the off position. I know it would probably be OK, but just paranoid.

    Is there a switch with an LED light that could be used to replace the current one?
    2000 7.3 F-250 w/ V3


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      Hmmm My switch has never been warm even, much less hot. wonder what thats about...
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      2000 F350 7.3 XL Dually utility/service truck
      V3 March 2008


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        Thanks for mentioning that Goon... my light is also partially illuminated at all times.

        I don't plan on taking mine off of automatic... one of the reasons I bought the v-stroke was so I don't have to remember anything.
        Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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          Hey guys, we normaly have led switches that don't get very hot. But for some of you we ran out of our special order switches and had to use normal incandesent buld which do get pretty warm. So if you have this please give us a call and we will get the led switches to you free of charge. Sorry about the trouble but it didn't make sense to us to hold off shipment of the kit when our manufacture couldn't tell us when we might recieve them, so we impervised.


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            I don't think it is the light keeping the switch warm, unless, that light is actually "on" at all times. It was cooler, but still very warm this morning, and probably hotter when I got to work.

            Come to think of it, mine is LED I believe.
            Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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              Check your grounds,my VWs,and Audi have a similar switch for hazards,if the ground is loose or improper it gets very hot.grease out
              2000 7.3X V3 So much fun,so little time,Support small Oil,burn WVO,Free and greasy down the road I go!!!!!!!!!!completely self sufficient and proud of it. (Wood pontoon....solarsheat twins this summer.....I don't Know much.......I'm just a hillbilly with too many guns..............


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                Originally posted by Jack_Toepfer View Post
                I don't think it is the light keeping the switch warm, unless, that light is actually "on" at all times. It was cooler, but still very warm this morning, and probably hotter when I got to work.

                Come to think of it, mine is LED I believe.
                The switch has two bulbs in it one you can see and the other you can't. On the earlier systems we had a switch cover that had a small slit in it as well as the big square light. So when we made the switch to L E D we also got rid of that slit in the switch cover. Although you can't really see the second bulb or L E D it is always on there just isnt a way to dispose of that light with the current wire configuration, and they don't make that switch configuration without the second light. Don't worry its not a ground issue.


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                  Thanks James. I just got back from demo'ing the system in the work parking lot in front of a dozen guys who all doubted me... and you for that matter. There was still some heat on the switch, but I'm not worried about it. It has to be the other light.

                  I parked the truck at 8 this morning, its now 10:30 and the vegi kicked on, just from idiling... in about a minute or 2.

                  Some of the guys were dumb enough to put their face by my 6" exhaust and try to take a wiff... I immediately punched it and smoked out the parking lot. They are all very impressed with the product... and our very clean install. I helped Mike, my oil guy, install the heat wrap on the lines, it looks like it was done by a machine. I'm very proud to have your product on my truck. It is not a rickety pump with leaks and a bunch of filters and heating elements... it is actually kinda sexy.

                  If you have more stickers or t-shirts... or anything else that will help me promote DFA and the Vegistroke System I'd be more than happy to wear them on my truck, or on my back.
                  Vegistrokin since 08/23/08