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  • the "about me" thread

    Just thought I'd start a thread so we can get some info on each other, and see if maybe some of us share the same interests outside of the WVO world. So tell us a little about yourself.

    Me, I'm 26 and I live just outside Bloomington, IN (Indiana University very close by). I'm an engineer for a medical device company, and I design products for use in the Critical Care/ICU setting such as airway devices, central venous catheters, chest drain tubes, etc. I've been doing this for a little over 4 years now.

    My main hobby is drag racing. I have a 1988 Mustang and I compete in the National Mustang Racers Association. This allows me to travel all over this side of the country doing so. This is also why the V3 is so valuable to me, as pulling my enclosed trailer nets me 10-11mpg. When coupled with over 7000 miles of towing per yer, this quickly digs into the racing budget!
    I hope to get DFA even more exposure by doing this, since the majority of the other racers at my events also tow with Powerstrokes.

    So how about you?
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    I'm 39, have a lovely wife and 10 year old boy. I'm a graduate of Oklahoma state University with a construction degree. I work for the Oklahoma dept and Transportation doing roadway design...Geometrics specialist to be more exact. I don't patch the potholes, i design a road that you can traverse doing 75 mph on safely.
    Other than fiddling with wvo, i enjoy tinkering with my truck, i recently built a new shop and plan to install a 2 post lift so i can pull the cab if i want to do some major wrenching on the PSD.
    We enjoy camping at the lake (any lake) as a family in oour 5th wheel camper and we do so quite frequently. My winter time hobby is deerhunting and this year i will take my son for the first time.

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      I'm an old fart and unemployed at the moment. Have spent 30+ years selling consumer goods mostly in the grocery and big box store arena. Married with at least 5 kids running around that I know of and 5 grandkids. (told ya I was an old fart)

      My passion is waterfowling. I'd assume be duck hunting with my best friend then just about anything. Here's a pic of my best friend:

      2002 F250 7.3

      If it walks like a duck.....


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        cool thread

        Age 55. I was a Commercial Diver for 17 years. traveled half way around the world 3 times. I also worked in Commercial Submarines for a couple of years, (don't ask) after I retired from diving, I bought a bunch of 4 plex's and played landlord for awhile. I got tired of fixing the same things over and over again. Lucky for me, I sold them all before. Katrina.
        Now I run a HandyMan Service with Air Conditioning and Heating being my biggerst part of my business.
        Married twice with one son, who will be 22 in September.
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          I am a photographer here in Savannah Ga. I like to fish and camp play on the Boat wish it ran on Vege ha ha. I have been working on getting my scca race license hope to finsh that next January. I have a wife and we love living on the coast and have a little black dog name Mako
          veg3 april 08:
          2006 F250


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            I am 40, I have been married to my lovely wife for 17 years. We have 2 boys who are 9 and 6 years old. We love to camp and I have a 33 foot 5th wheel we pull with the powerstroke. I work in marketing for an environmental services firm. We are largest recycler of use oil and contaminated fluids in the world. My company also does all of the track side recycling at all of the NASCAR events. Basically we get all of the spent oils, fuels, fluids, and oil contaminated debris and recycle them into a rerefined oil or an alternative fuel for cement kilns. With this gig I get access to the NASCAR races.

            Here is my family including my truck...can you see it?

            Here I am with Sparky at Texas Motor Speedway.
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            2000 F250 7.3L
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              My name is Mike and I'm a 35 year old former USMC Captain and OIF veteran. After serving our country for 10 years, I was a co-manager of a Home Depot and then moved to Tampa to work as a project manager. Unfortunately for me, the company I was working for wasn't generating the revenue they had hoped for and my project manager position was eliminated almost a month ago. Still looking for my next career.

              I have an awesome girlfriend (coming up on 5 months), 2 dogs, and 2 cats (hey, the dogs needed pets ).

              My hobbies include modding my truck, anything vehicle related (going to the dragstrip, shows, mod parties), Harley Davidsons (still regret selling my 94 Fatboy), hockey games, and spending time with my gf and dogs. As I'm typing this, I'm starting to realize that I need more hobbies. lol

              2005 F-250 Harley Davidson Edition with a few mods

              60k on veggie oil and counting


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                I'm 24, married for a little over a year to my 25yr old wife who I've been with for 7 years this October. No kids, no pets, no responsibilities I've been a homeowner since I was 22.

                I'm still contemplating my return to college, but in the mean time I'm a Sr Programmer Analyst for Fidelis Care NY. I've been there for over 6 years. I've been a carpenter, farmhand, waiter... everything.

                I've been playing with cars and motorcycles my entire life. I've had more than a dozen vehicles... 1/2 of them were fast, the other 1/2 were big

                Here are the 2 I'm rocking this year:

                In the back is my 2000 F350 which has been vegistroking for 50 miles so far. Install was just about 6 hours 9 inches of lift, 40" tires... In the foreground... is a Boss Hoss. This is a manufactured motorcycle that has a 350 SBC. 355hp 380tq. 1200lbs. Really fast. 17mpg

                Here is a shot of my wife, Maria, behind my truck, which had 5400lbs of stone in the bed.

                I love drag racing... currently running my bike. 10s @ 140s ... when I have traction. I just helped my brother finish his 88 Mustang GT, 412 stroker, little juice... going to run low 9s at almost 150. Ran 10.2 last year on a 362ci motor, smaller shot. Same block this year but with AFR 225 heads, huge cam, bigger shot. And a new rear end with a spool and some more gear.
                Vegistrokin since 08/23/08


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                  I am 33,the father of one,been with my wife 10 years.Third generation trucker (retired disabled).Love anything with a international or cummins under the hood,the bigger the better.Riding bikes since 10, some of best years of my life,Currently own two scooters,Yamaha Majesty,and Italjet Dragster 180,previously V-MAX,Ninja 600,H-D /on/off 185(aeramacchi),And a Hurricane 1000(Way too fast).I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,10 miles from Laconia bike week.Currently have WVO/Bio-d/Solar in every thing with a motor,except scooters(60 and 88 MPG respectively).Number one hobby is educating the social populus the burden,and evil that is Big Oil,and communistic renderers........grease out
                  2000 7.3X V3 So much fun,so little time,Support small Oil,burn WVO,Free and greasy down the road I go!!!!!!!!!!completely self sufficient and proud of it. (Wood pontoon....solarsheat twins this summer.....I don't Know much.......I'm just a hillbilly with too many guns..............


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                    I am 24, been married for 3 years. Got into lifted trucks about 2 years ago when I lifted up my ranger. Fuel economy went way down, so I looked into alternative fuels and got into this stuff. Sold the Ranger, and bought the F-250 with the sole intent of the vegistroke. I have one dog, no kids, and a house that I probably owe more on than what it is actually worth(I bought 2 years ago right before the bottom fell out of real estate), and I just got back into the motorcycle seen after a 3 year break from it(notice that is the time I got married).

                    pwned by a puggle

                    In the back ground you can see my Mom's Jetta that I hope to be up and running on the Frybrid kit. It's been 6 weeks since I ordered, so I am optimistic to have it within a month or so. I hope...


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                      Pics to come later, sorry but I am a busy man.

                      I am 38, married to a great woman, three kids. 1 boy, 2 girls and a 1 12 gauge. I don't mind telling boys that I am well armed, have a backhoe and there is soft sandy soil out back by the creek.

                      I am a field engineer. I am the guy the major computer companies send out when you can fix it yourself. (I likes it when the electronics makes the sparkleys)

                      Currently in California.

                      The plan: 17-20 acres in TX near a lake, log home off the grid solar power with an organic garden and some livestock to produce our food. A small biodiesel processor somewhere far from the home and lots of stored V/O. No I am not an end of the world type, just a done with the complications and reliance on other sources.

                      Street racing motorcycles (on a track of course) if it can do 0-125 in under 3 seconds I am on it.

                      Alternative fuels and energy : WVO, HHO, solar, wind, hydroelectric. It's my world and I would like to turn it over to my kids in a better condition than I found it.

                      SCUBA diving, because it is nice to get out of your environment once in a while. Not to mention there is a big difference between hunting fish and fishing for them. Say hello to my little speargun.


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                        Well, let's see...

                        I'm 28, have been married for almost 5 years and no kids. Only pet is a cat we adopted out of the neighborhood. Well, maybe she adopted us - just showed up one day...haha.

                        Graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a mechanical engineering degree back in 2003. About two classes away from having my MSE in Engineering Management from the same school.

                        Currently work as an engineer for the US Army at Redstone Arsenal - Manufacturing Science and Technology Division. I oversee a couple programs that focus on new composite structures and re-engineering problem parts for aviation and missile systems. I've been lucky enough to work around most all of the Army's rotorcraft and a few of their missile systems. Fun job most of the time, but other times it drives me nuts.

                        Hobbies - cars, trucks - most anything that's got an engine in it. Enjoy spending time outdoors and working around the house.

                        Hope to build a house soon...and I probably have kids.

                        Maybe I can dig up a pic and throw it up here.

                        That's probably about it...haha.
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                        2005 F-250 PSD - CC, Lariat, 4X4 - Sold


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                          I'm 33 and 11mos . Wife and 4 kids and too many hobbies(wife says anyway).

                          Bought the X in late 2006 with 33k mi on it with full intentions on burning an alt fuel and my year of research got me the V3...

                          I use the truck to haul the kids, 2 dogs, cars, trucks, heavy equipment, go on vacations, ANYTHING.

                          I'll post up some pics soon
                          2005 6.0l X
                          V3 running 8/6/08
                          40gal frame mounted tank

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                            I'm 37, married 6 years, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, cat & bird.
                            Was a child actor from 7 to 16, Video production degree from SCAD, in Savannah. Been working on boats for almost 20 years, Captain on 2 yachts, now own my own Marine Electronics business for a year & 3/4.
                            00' 7.3L Limited EX 4X4, V3 40g tank, Night Vision camera, Icom Ham radio, Urban Survival Vehicle
                            Trailer w/90g tank & pump, for collection & trips.


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                              Originally posted by captgrady View Post
                              Was a child actor from 7 to 16
                              ok, now you have to tell us what you were in
                              V3'd 2000 Excursion - gone but not forgotten
                              2014 6.7L - smells nice